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From Magoi to Nishikigoi

In the olden days, residents of former Yamakoshi Village and Ojiya City of Niigata Prefecture used to keep Magoi (black carp) as a source of food for the harsh winter. The origin of Nishikigoi goes back about 200 years ago when Magoi, which is of Central Asian and Persian origin, mutated to survive the severe winter weather.On rare occasions, their offspring were born with colors such as red and yellow and sometimes with colored patterns.

Some of the residents who noticed this change started selective breeding, and after numerous intents, the Koi, which mutated to adapt to Niigata's fertile soil and climate, have become known in the present world as the "swimming jewel." Their glamorous colors, magnificent bodies, and elegant swim are a feast for the eyes.

Koi's Elegance of Japanese Traditional Kimono

"Nishiki" in the name Nishikigoi means a silk fabric woven with various colors including gold. Japanese traditional customs have it that beautiful and elegant things are referred to as Nishiki. Nishikigoi were originally called Kawarigoi or Irogoi, but just like the Japanese traditional silk fabric KIMONO, Nishikigoi possess vivid yet delicate colors and have an overwhelming beauty. Nnaturally, they were given the name "Nishikigoi."

The pond becomes a showcase of ever-changing beauty. You can appreciate the beauty of a single Nishikigoi, but the real thrill is when you watch a number of Nishikigoi in a pond intermingling with each other. The cocktail of colors of the numerous Nishikigoi varieties is magnificent. As the blended colors express an ever-changing beauty, you realize a new way to appreciate Nishikigoi. The elegant swim of the 200 varieties of Nishikigoi creates a picturesque beauty which depicts the colorful beauty of all four seasons in Japan.

Japan's "National Fish" Beloved All Over The World

Nishikigoi are friendly and easy to care for. They are liked not only in Japan, but worldwide. They have become so popular outside of Japan that Koi lovers residing overseas are winning championships at Koi shows. Nishikigoi is a Japanese culture created by Japan's nature and craftsmanship. They are now beloved across the globe as Nishikigoi.

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